Libertarian position on gay marriage?

Asking important questions about the price of paradise. We welcome anyone who believes in individual liberty and who wishes to actively promote gay rights. Believing in minimum government, maximum Freedom.


What is a Libertarian? Anyone who believes in liberty. It’s that simple, really. Liberty is a solution to all sorts of problems in our world today. From education, to healthcare, to the economy, and even wars overseas — less government is the answer.

Libertarians and Gay Citizens

Because libertarians and gay citizens were aligned in the pursuit of ending government mistreatment, that doesn't mean other goals line up. We already have gay marriages. Libertarian individuals and political parties have applied the libertarian philosophy to the subject of gay rights.

Government and Gay Rights

The real enemy is government. The real danger is politicians who are eager to run your life and spend your money. Freedom works across the board.

Support Gay Rights and Liberty

Get Government Out of Gay Marriage, Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom.